Six Month Trip To New Zealand, Here I Come!

In a little more than two months, I’ll be lugging my ginormous backpack to the airport with long-time friend, Grace, for our six-month trip in New Zealand. We’ve been planning for this trip for almost 10 months and I can’t believe that our work-holiday will begin so soon!

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Hello, Grace

Okay, perhaps we didn’t really plan much but we did get some of the important stuff done – lodging mainly, for the first 16 days or so. Something at the back of my mind keeps telling me that we should probably book our lodging for the next week, but I’m not much of a planner when it comes to holidays. Maybe I’ll get to it next week.

To be honest, I’m not quite sure how to go about planning for such a massive trip (then again if it was a short trip I wouldn’t be planning either). All Grace and I have been discussing are the kinds of outrageous photos we want to take with dinosaur onesies and propeller caps we’re getting from Taobao. In this aspect, I have to admit our maturity level does not match most 22 and 23 year olds, but I have enough faith in our street smarts and adaptability so I’m more excited than I am nervous about New Zealand!

An Accidental Adventure

In many ways, this trip has altered my life, even though it has yet to begin. Because of our work-holiday, I wasn’t able to apply for jobs after graduating. Not many people take a gap year after graduation in Singapore, so taking more than a year off is kind of a brow-raising decision. What can I say? It’s the typical Asian society. Because of the trip, I’ve been trying to seek out freelance writing jobs, and other part time teaching jobs to save up some money. Although I do get anxious about my income, I guess the build up towards New Zealand is an adventure in itself!

Nonetheless, adventures can sometimes be difficult and challenging. Looking at many of my friends who are in the workforce and having little worries about their bank account, I have to admit it puts me on edge.

Am I making the right decision?

What am I doing with my life?

Is all of this worthwhile?

While I know full well that I shouldn’t compare my story with others, sometimes it can be difficult to ignore the differences. I guess staying on course, and not wavering is still something I have to work on. Although writing freelance has been really challenging, it’s helped shape me to become a stronger person over the past eight months or so. Sometimes, living in uncertainty is a necessary evil to build resilience – and I’m sure I need plenty of that for the New Zealand trip.

There are some things I still have to plan and prepare for (like downloading my favourite shows in my hard drive, yah?) but for now, let’s hope I get my driver’s license in time for my most anticipated trip yet!