dp2Why hello, welcome to this little travelog, located in an obscure corner of the vast internet! Hozy Cozy is a personal log book that documents the travelling experiences of a twentysomething year-old (that is, myself).


This page’s little story:

Like most fresh grads, I decided to go on a grad trip before I went head-on into the adult world. I wanted to plan for a simple holiday in Vietnam with a friend, return home, find a job, and start settling into my adult life. I mean, that’s the way my Asian society rolls – we aren’t that fond of a gap year, a gap month’s long enough. Little did I know, my week-long grad trip was just the first of many other trips to come! After visiting Vietnam, I found myself travelling to Myanmar, Hong Kong, and also Thailand.

At some point, I realised that travelling is something that I wanted to do fairly regularly – at least a few times a year (I’m still an underpaid fresh grad. I can’t afford a holiday every month). There’s always so much to see, learn, and eat(my favourite) in these different places! In order to document all my travelling experiences, I thought it’d be great to start a blog. Besides, I also need to find a good (read: free) space to store all the photos I’ve taken on my trips and what classier way to do it than to start a travelog?

I’m no authority when it comes to travelling (I never really plan my trips), all I want to do is to have fun, and experience life outside of my own. Hopefully you have fun reading my experiences too!