Living The Island Life On Rawa Island

Sun, salt, sea, a wooden stilt house, and a lot of fun. 

Last weekend some friends and I took advantage of the long weekend and spent it on a little island getaway in Malaysia, Rawa Island. By the end of the trip, our skin was baked in salt and red with sunburns – the ultimate mark of a satisfying beach holiday.

Thirteen of us spent 2 nights in Alangsrawa Resort’s wooden beach house right at the shores of the beach. I wouldn’t exactly call it a villa because it’s really a lot humbler than that, but the beach breeze blowing in from the open balcony is the kind of natural luxury you can’t quite enjoy in a five star beach side resort.

The most down-to-earth beach resort


Honestly, the resort isn’t anything fancy (I’m not even sure if it could be counted as a resort) but it gives you a taste of that down-to-earth island life you never had. I got to admit, some things were kind of uncomfortable. The tap water, for one, was salty. Better bring a few litres of mineral water with you if you want to brush your teeth with clean water. This also means that the water coming from the shower was salty – you’ll probably get sticky hair and skin the next day.

For another, there aren’t many facilities at Alangsrawa’s – no tennis court, no gym, poor WiFi connection, no swimming pool. Just you, a wooden stilt house and the clear blue sea, which is in many ways, quite a dream come true.

What’s cool about Alangsrawa’s is that the meals are included in your booking package. For the first night, we had a nice BBQ spread for dinner, while meals for the next few days were something like home-cooked style buffets. All of this, including accommodation, only amounted to SGD200 over the course of 3 days and 2 nights! As an underpaid freelance writer, this price is quite the deal.

Rent your gear next door


On our second day there, we decided that all 13 of us wanted to Kayak around the island together. Alangsrawa’s didn’t have that many kayaks for rental but we tried our luck at the resort next door and paddled away in the burning heat – that was the highlight of the trip for me, really. The island isn’t big, so all it took was about 50 minutes or so before we Kayaked a full round. The waters aren’t choppy and it’s pretty suitable for beginners too. It was just a short kayaking experience but the company makes even the simplest of things exciting!

If given the chance, I think I might go back to Rawa Island again. I have to admit that it’s not the most beautiful beach in the world but it’s a little, down-to-earth paradise of its own. Also, you’ll get to meet Daisy the resident dog. She looks pregnant but she’s just fat (we asked).





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