Perks Of Going Solo On A Cruise

Solo cruising isn’t such a bad idea at all.

Earlier this year, I got a chance to climb onboard Diamond Princess Cruises because I had an assignment to write on. I was pretty stoked partly because it was the first time I got to be on a big boat and also, it’s the first time I’m travelling in style. As someone with quite a small bank account, uncomfortable holidays in Southeast Asia are the only ones I can currently afford (and have also grown to love).

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Crabshack, probably one of the most epic seafood experiences I’ve had

However, going on an assignment trip also meant that I had to cruise alone. But that wasn’t really a big problem for me. As an introvert, I had zero qualms about being alone for a few days. In fact, I think it was a long overdue recharge.

It’s not just a lonely ride in the big big blue

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One of the really nice hot tubs

I totally understand why solo cruising isn’t the most popular way to have a holiday. After all, you’re going on a holiday alone on a big boat. But big girls and boys, there’s really nothing to be scared about cruising alone.

A cruise is basically a floating retirement haven filled with all kinds of facilities. Everything you want is just a phone call away. Want to get your nails done? What a nice massage? What a hair cut? Just book a slot and your whims and fancies will be granted.

There are lots of shows, activities and games to take part in throughout the day too. Introverted me isn’t really fond of very proactive programmes so I spent lots of time swimming and soaking in the hot tub till I’m part human, part prune.

After getting pruney at the Japanese Hot Tub (simply amazing) I usually spend the evenings watching movies at the deck, under the starry night. It also helped that Princess Cruises has a pretty decent taste when it comes to movies – 10/10 will recommend.

A really nice cabin all for yourself

Imagine: you wake up. In the middle of the bed. With your limbs spread all over. And yet, still, there’s more room for you to roll around in.

This my friend, this is GOALS. The first night, I kept to one side of the bed because I was too used to sleeping on a single bed. On the second night onwards, I’ve mastered the art of sleeping in the middle of the bed. No skills required, which is perfect.

Having the cabin to yourself also means you can listen to whatever music you wanted, and you can turn to whichever channel you liked. This also required zero skills because I can finally just be me and do me without having to be considerate to anyone for a change. Perfect! 

Milk that room service

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This is my favourite. Besides having access to food in amazing restaurants, you also get access to food even when you’re too lazy to get out of bed. Don’t get me wrong, the restaurants on Princess Cruises had a delectable selection (the seafood was to die for) but when room service is 24 hours and FREE, I’m having room service as many times a day as I want!


I have to admit that if the cruise wasn’t paid for, I wouldn’t have otherwise gotten on it. But hey, if I can comfortably afford solo cruising some time in the future, why not? I really miss being all pruney in the hot tub, I really miss having an awesome view of the sunrise and sunset. And most of all, I really really miss that sandwich. It was a simple sandwich with chips on the side, but boy, I still dream of it. Perhaps next time I can afford to order me some wine to go with that sandwich in my cabin, how about that?


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