No One Has The Money For SKII, So I Stay Young By Chasing My Dreams

I originally wanted to start a blog that focused only on my travels, but then sometimes I kind of miss the fun of talking about the random shenanigans that goes on in life. Seeing that this blog is mine anyway, I figured that I can be self-indulgent once in a while and talk about myself. You know, just a word spill no and then even if no one is reading.

A good way to know someone better is to find out what they spend most of their time doing, but beyond that, it’s also nice to know what their dreams are (and whether they have a dream). I find that that really helps me understand individuals better because then you know what really matters to them. Since this space is kind of new, I guess a great way to introduce myself would be to talk about what I’m currently doing, and also, my dreams!

What Have You Been Up To?

I get asked this quite often. Although I do find it a hassle to explain what I’m up to, I totally understand why concerned folks and close friends ask me that question. It’s been almost a year since I graduated and after I left my church internship last December, I haven’t been employed into any company. Rather, I’ve been doing a wide range of part time and freelance jobs. Here’s a rough breakdown of what I’ve been doing:

  • Once a week, I give private tuition to a primary school child.
  • On weekend mornings, I assist in an art studio.
  • On most days, I freelance write on topics ranging from “9 bags that can spice up your office look” to other more mundane topics like “the best tourist SIM card for visitors coming to Singapore”.
  • In between I’ve also been learning how to make mobile UIs for my dad’s software company.

Doing a range of part time jobs isn’t what most graduates do but this person here still holds on to her dream of writing seriously one day. Since beginnings are scary and the start is always slow, it’s important to find other sources of income. Hence, the long list of part time jobs.

Besides, I really think that chasing your dream keeps you young, and “Dreams” shouldn’t be a dirty word.

“Starving Writer” Is Not A Myth

Writing For A Living is really not as romantic as it sounds. Writing doesn’t pay well, especially in Singapore and the stereotype of “starving writers” in books and movies is quite true. I don’t make big money but it’s only been three months and I quite enjoy having a wide range of things to do. It gives me the chance to explore new skills, meet different people, and read almost all kinds of things online. I think my general knowledge has increased drastically ever since I’ve started writing freelance (either I’m very well informed or my brain capacity for junk has increased drastically).

I Love Change

The perks about chasing my dream is that I got to know myself better and there are quite a few things I’ve learnt these three months. To put it simply, I love change! The reason why I enjoy writing freelance is not because it’s my lifelong goal to write listicles. I enjoy writing freelance because I enjoy the energy and hype that comes with with landing a new gig. Stability doesn’t excite me and I don’t fancy having a set agenda everyday. In fact, sometimes repetition gives me anxiety because it makes me feel like a cog in a machine. I get bored with what I’m doing, question my existence and once in a while, entertain mildly suicidal thoughts (how melodramatic. I know).

“So, When Are You Going To ‘Adult’?”

Some of my well meaning friends have told me that it’s important to consider job prospects, income, and how comfortably I want to live (although, growing up in a low income family, I must say I’ve kind of gotten used to having a tight budget and not going on comfortable holidays. But that’s a story for another day). All of that is true and important, but I do think that having a dream is important too.

Besides, I really think that chasing your dream keeps you young, and “Dreams” shouldn’t be a dirty word. Youthfulness is more in the personality than the lack of wrinkles on your skin. I really believe that the moment you age is the moment you lose sight of your dreams. So  ladies, if you want to stay young, trust no SKII. Get a dream and chase it, and be excited about life! Although, like all cosmetic surgeries, this might hurt. No pain, no gain!

Who knows if this Part Time/ Freelance Lifestyle will last? Perhaps it will work out, perhaps it won’t. And in the event that it doesn’t, I can safely say I’ve chased my dreams. I could even say I’ve had a taste of my dreams, even if it came to a bitter end. Good things don’t come easy, and sometimes good things aren’t always happy endings. Nonetheless, good things are worth the hassle anyway.


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